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Find out what we did for DGZ Gold, a WordPress website where you can buy and sell accounts and in game items.



DGZ Gold contacted Zenfy to develop a video game accessory and digital in-game service based ecommerce website. A ‘sister site’ to DigiZani, it was created to act as an active competitor to the main website. This website was developed on WordPress with a customised theme to stand out, utilising some beautiful hover over effects. Not only did we develop the website, we also connected the system backend to an order portal system allowing suppliers to chat with customers in real time to help improve the order delivery experience.

We reached out to Zenfy to build a secondary site for DigiZani.com. I worked with project team lead Andrew to map out and create a 'sister site' that would act as a competitor site to further increase sales for both brands. Not only was the design work flawless but the team also worked incredibly hard to build me an SEO package that would rival the reach of DigiZani and they delivered. Thanks Zenfy.
- Ben T