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Find out what we did for DigiZani, an ecommerce retailer of in-game items, accounts and game keys.



DigiZani reached out to Zenfy to develop an ecommerce website that focuses on the sale of digital in-game services and game keys. DigiZani initially started as website built on Shopify with custom snippets but has now fully transitioned over to WordPress on a custom host without functionality limitations. Alongside the website, Zenfy also developed a fully customisable order portal system that acts as a live chat between customer and supplier to track the delivery process of orders with functionality for customers, suppliers and administrators. This was an effective approach to allow for a stable automatic delivery system.

Zenfy have been an integral part of the development of DigiZani from the early stages on Shopify. The team have developed every aspect of the website with the greatest attention to detail. The website is now developed on WordPress with custom hosting to meet my requirements and the team is always on standby to help me with any queries or help me plan the next development stage. Huge shout out to Finlay and Andrew at Zenfy.
- Alexandra C