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DGZ Giveaways

Find out what we did for DGZ Giveaways, a paid raffle website based in the Western Isles.

DGZ Giveaways


DGZ Giveaways reached out to Zenfy to help construct a custom JavaScript system for a prize raffle website. Not only only was the custom system a faster alternative to a standard WordPress hosted product, it also allowed us to customise the entirety of the system to Elena’s preferences featuring a variety of custom timer products, exclusive giveaways with custom rules to add free tickets and much more.

Zenfy helped me create a custom raffle website with outstanding results. I was kept well informed of the progress of the project and was given easy to follow guides on how to manage every aspect of DGZ Giveaways. Every idea I wanted added was carefully constructed by the team with as much enthusiasm as me! Thanks guys!
- Elena M